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Before that, let us understand the sense of the Earth:Earth is the home planet of all living beings and its contents. As the residence of living beings, the earth is composed of several layers of earth, materials forming material of the earth, and all the natural resources contained therein. Shape of the Earth's surface varies, ranging from land, sea, mountains, hills, lakes, valleys, and so on. Earth as a planet which is included in the solar system in the universe is not silent as to what we expect for this, but the earth did rotation on its axis (rotation) and moves around the Sun (revolution) as the center of the solar system. This is what causes day and night and the tide. Therefore, the process of formation of the earth can not be separated from the process of the formation of our solar system.
Once understood, this process of formation of the Earth from some theories:
Big bang theory
This theory is the most famous adalh gan.Based on the Big Bang Theory, the process of the formation of Earth originated from tens of billions of years ago. At first there is mist giant rotating on its axis. The rotation does allow the portions are small and light thrown off and large parts gathered at the center, forming giant discs. One time, the giant mist exploded violently in space that then formed the galaxies and nebulas. During a period of approximately 4.6 billion years old, these nebulae freeze and form a galaxy called with the name of the Milky Way, then formed the solar system. Meanwhile, parts of light which was thrown out earlier condenses to form clots that cools and solidifies. Then, clumps that formed the planets, including the earth planet.
During its development, the planet continues to experience a gradual process and to form it is today. There are three stages in the formation of the earth, namely:
1. Initially, the Earth is still the planet homogeneous and has not experienced the bedding or difference elements.2. Establishment bedding earth structure that begins with the differentiation. Heavy iron material larger species will sink, while the lighter specific gravity will move to the surface.3. Earth is divided into five layers: the inner core, outer core, the mantle, outer mantle, and crust.
Changes in the earth caused by changes in climate and weather.
Fog theory Kant-Laplace
Since the time before Christ, the experts have a lot of thinking and conduct an analysis of the phenomena of nature. Start the 18th century experts have to think about the process of the Earth.Do you remember about the theory of cloud (nebula) proposed by Immanuel Kant (1755) and Pierre de Laplace (1796)? They are famous for Fog Kant-Laplace theory. In theory it was stated that in the universe there are gases that are then assembled into a cloud (nebula). The force of attraction between these gases form a very large collection of mist and spinning faster and faster. In the process of this very quick turnaround, the material thrown equator fog parted and solidified (for cooling). The part that is then thrown into the planets in the solar system.
Planetesimal theory
A century after the fog theory, appear planetesimal theory proposed by Chamberlin and Moulton. This theory has been revealed that in the beginning there is a solar origin. At one point, the origin of the sun is approached by a large star, which led to the withdrawal on the part of the sun. Solar energy due to the withdrawal of earlier origin, there was a great explosions. This burst of gas out of the sun's atmosphere, then condenses and freezes as solid objects, and called planetesimals. These planetesimals in its development into planets, and one of them is our planet Earth.

Basically, the processes of theoretical occurrence of the planets and the earth, starting daribenda gaseous temperature is very hot. Then due process and turnaround time (centrifuge) quickly, then cooling occurs that causes compaction (on the outside). Adapaun body part in the Earth's temperature is still high.
Tidal Theory of Gases
This theory was put forward leh jeans and Jeffreys, namely, that a big star closer to the sun within a short distance, thus causing the tides on the body of the sun, when the sun was still in a gaseous state. The tide that we know on Earth, size, very small. The cause is a small mass of the moon and the distance moon to Earth (60 times the radius of Earth's orbit). However, if a star whose mass is almost as large as the sun approaches the sun, it will form a kind of mountain giant waves on the body of the sun, caused by force was the star attraction. Mountain-guung will achieve remarkable high and form a sort of incandescent enormous tongue, sticking out of the mass of the sun before and stretch towards the big star.

In the heat of the tongue that is the case sealing gases and eventually these columns will be broken, and then split into separate objects, namely the planets. Big star that led to the withdrawal of the body parts of the sun earlier, continue the journey in the universe, so it will gradually lost its influence-shaped planet earlier. The planets will revolve around the sun and cools. This cooling process has been slow on big planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, while the small rocky planets like Earth, goes relatively faster cooling.

While cooling takes place, it is still the planets around the sun in an elliptical orbit, so it is probable that at some point of their proximity to the sun approached within a short distance. Due to the withdrawal force of the sun, there will be ups and downs in the bodies of the newborn planet. The sun would draw the columns matter of the planets, so was born months (satellites) that revolve around the planets. held the role of the sun in shaping these months is in principle the same as the big star role in shaping the planets, as discussed above.
Twin Star Theory
This theory was put forward by an expert Astronomy RA Lyttleton. According to this theory, galaxies comes from a combination of twin stars. One star exploded so much material that was thrown. Because the star that exploded not have the force of gravity is still strong, then the fractional distribution of the stellar explosion around a star that did not explode. Star unexploded it is the sun, while the other is a fraction of stars that surround planets
There are two conclusions that can be drawn from a description of the process of formation of the earth, namely:
1. The Earth is derived from a giant exploding mist powerful, then forming galaxies and nebulae. After that, froze forming nebulae of the Milky Way, then surya.Bumi system formed from a small part of light thrown out when a giant exploding mist that cools and solidifies, forming the earth.
2. The three stages of the process of the formation of the earth, starting from the beginning the earth was formed, differentiation until the earth began divided into several zones or layers: the inner core, outer core, the mantle, outer mantle, and crust.
Jonny Richards

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